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Craps online, Welcome to your online guide where you’ll discover and learn more about the popular online casino games and online craps.

With our craps online article you’ll discover links to head directly to the source of a specific topic surrounding craps online and you’ve already but got yourself a selection of free online craps no download games to bet on. Here you are going to learn the rules of craps online so you know all about the table markings and how to bet because there are a number of ways to roll a win in the game of craps online.

With a craps practice table you have your very own craps strategy simulator to learn to play craps and win

Before we get into the technical aspect of craps online if you have come to play craps online for the first time, then before heading to join an online casino to win real money, take the time to have fun and play for free. Learn to hedge your bets and budget with the virtual balance before you pass over to the real money tables found for craps online. For now, a craps practice table is all you need and there are plenty out there.

With a place to play and save your own money you can learn about the games odds, know more about the bet line, gambling and betting with craps can bring in many ways to win and thusly the excitement and why craps features so heavily in the movies. So let us look at how the house edge can be beaten and why, like roulette, craps online is all tactical and not just about numbers. Ready to shoot some dice and become the best craps online shooter there is?

Only take on online craps real money games once you have learned the craps game rules or you will lose

To help digest the rules which the casinos and player must abide by we shall look at each point individually.

Playing craps online: Craps online is a dice game, though virtual outside the realm of live casino action, you still roll dice. The bet comes before the roll of the dice, use the virtual coins to wager your stake. Now you can bet as the roller or bet on the outcome of the roll as an extra participant.

Pass line: found all around the table, this pass line bet area is for those who are betting for the shooter (the one rolling the dice)

Don’t pass: this area is for those betting against the shooter, smart or not they are on the side of the house.

Line bet: there are options to bet on specific numbers, these offer selected odds for selected dice results, for example, if you were to bet that an 8 will come up before a 7 in the form of two 4s.

Craps table: the array of betting doesn’t just end there as you can bet on the next round of numbers, denoted by the markings of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 12, of which 2 and 12 will pay double.

The numbers 4 through to 10 are for bets on numbers that will be rolled before the next 7.

Big 6 / 8 is a betting that either or will be rolled next, again before a 7.

Dealer: the lingo of the dealer may be of help. Craps is a 2,3 or even a 12. Yo is 11, Snake Eyes is a double 1. Boxcars are 6 and 6. Jimmy Hick is the number 6. Skate / donate is number 8. Puppy Paws two dice both with 5. Natural Winner is 7 or 11.

Winning: basically a straight win is 2, 3, 12 for those betting against the shooter. The shooter rolls wins by landing 7 or 11.

Told you there is a lot of ways to bet when it comes to playing craps online, so don’t just come out roll the dice and hope. Most of the time you have to analyse the game. Craps online is great fun and is the very reason why a table is always packed!

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